In this life, we meet with many things including love it can change our lives and also can change us.
This is a story of a poor girl who felt in love with a rich young man

Jenny had to wake up early in the morning to go to work she worked as a maid in a rich family house when she reached there she meet with Lyan who was going to his morning jogging then she asked him what he wanted for breakfast but Lyan told her that he will eat with his friends then jenny rushed to do the other work that was waiting for her jenny had many works because Lyan’s mother was a difficult woman she used to give jenny heavy work and treated her badly but jenny had no choice only to accept the job because she was the only one who supported her family.
The life continued and one day when jenny was working she recognized that Lyan was starring at her Lyan came closer to her and told her that they halve to meet but not at home Jenny accepted immediately without thinking
When Jenny finished her work, she went where she and Lyan had to meet when she arrived Lyan was already there then Jenny asked him why he wanted to meet with her then Lyan looked at her and told her that he was in love with her the words that Jenny wanted to hear she was happy because she also loved him.
And life continued but they had to keep it secret but as well they were happy

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